Beercation: M.I.A Beer Company

Next on the South Florida beercation from last month: M.I.A. I’ve had all of their core beers previous to the trip: Miami Weiss – Hefeweizen-Style, Mega Mix – Pale Ale, 305 – Golden Ale, Domino – Pilsner, Deco – IPA and Tourist Trappe – Belgain-Style Tripel. Miami Weiss is one of my favorite American-made Hefeweizens and Mega Mix is my favorite Pale Aimg_9087le. I was extremely hopeful about the beers they would have in house that they don’t distribute.

This is how the night started: Maddison, my best friend, and I were getting ready to go out. She is huge into fashion, so naturally she throws on a dress and jewelry. I, being the skater-girl type, throw on jeans and a brewery shirt, but dress it up with boots to look decent. A very great way to start a conversation at breweries, or anywhere really, is just by what you’re wearing. People come into World Of Beer, my job, all the time in brewery stuff and we usually end up talking beer. I wore a Cycle Brewing shirt and the beertender and I ended up beer talking. img_9090-1

I didn’t think I would be overwhelmed by the amount of choices, but I was completely! Their own beer was two pages and they had an additional twelve (I think) guest taps and guest bottles for purchase.






It was difficult picking a flight because there were more than four that I wanted. My first flight I picked was the first four that sounded good going down the list. My second flight was picked by the bartender. Yes, the first flight was good, but the one he got me was much better. The man definitely knew his stuff! Thanks Diego. 


Flight 1: Fontainebru – Lemon Verbena Cedar Saison. My first thought was that it was a less carbonated sprite. I wanted more flavor. A bit more and it would have been a flavor bomb lemon saison. Amarena – Double Brown Ale with Italian cherries. My immediate reaction was: this would be amazing if it was sour. But besides that, a balanced, flavorful imperial brown. Surfcumber – Cucumber Pale Ale. Subtle. But at the same time BAM! Extremely refreshing. Awesome by the pool beer. I feel like this is an everyone beer. Sip N Slide – Farmhouse Dry Hopped with Hull Melon Hops. I remember wanting more melon through the whole sip. The melon really hits at the end. Mellow.


Flight 2: Neon – Citra White IPA. Okay people….. this is THE BEST IPA IVE EVER HAD.  A super juicy IPA. You 100% get the citrus. I would go as far as to describe this as a New England Style IPA. The thickness and juice to it reminds me exactly of that style. Full body. Extremely well balanced beer in all aspects. Simply incredible. For sure in the top 10 best beers I have ever had. If you ever have a chance to drink this beer, it’s completely necessary that you do. Last week my World Of Beer just so happened to have a keg of it and I walked into work and FREAKED OUT. No one understood why until I described the greatness of it and made everyone try it. In that six hour shift I ended up killing the keg. I sold one glass to every table!  I simply would say, ‘it’s juice, you’ll love it!’ Peligro –  Chocolate Coffee Stout brewed with Macondo coffee, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. Solid stout with a rich dark chocolate flavor. Plum Up The Jam – Plum version of Big In Japan. Big In Japan is a beer brewed with sake yeast and rice. The first time I had it I thought it was too funky and weird. Maybe all I needed was a fruit additive because the plum version was out of this world!!!! My second favorite of the night behind Neon. A high but drinkable booziness, 10%. The plum flimg_9097-1avor balances well with the sake yeast and rice flavors.

It was so good that we got a pint of it after the flights. This is Maddison, haaaayyy!

The food was also great. We ordered the mozzarella sticks which were *perfection* and the german-style pretzel on a banana hammock that came with bacon jam. Pretzels are our go-to snack everywhere we go, so it was ordered the second we saw it on the menu.




The brewery was awesome. 9.7/10. Friendly, fun staff and a really cool environment. I liked the modern vibe to the tap room and they played awesome ~hipster~ music. They do growler and crowler fills, but only of their core/flagships and maybe a few others. Someday I’ll be able to go down there and growler fill a million Neon’s to fill my summertime swimming pool. A special thank you to Diego Domador for awesome service! I’m thrilled to taste all beers they brew in the future. MIA Beer Company was already one of my favorite Florida breweries before the trip; that was solidified and maybe moved up a couple spots after the visit.

******RIP Piero Rodriguez, brewer for MIA. You are remembered with the greatness of MIA beer. Each glass goes to you!


P.S. – Read my next blog post for some big news 😉


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