Beercation: Wynwood Brewing Co.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Miami with my best friend, Maddison. She loves art and I love beer so we combined our passions and decided to hit up Wynwood and the surrounding areas. I’d never been to Wynwood or visited the breweries that were located there so I was pumped. I was pleasantly surprised at all that Wynwood Brewing Co. had to offer. The environment was super cool. They had tons of art hanging inside and big paintings outside.

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Their draft list was looking all sorts of beautiful and diverse. As someone who likes to drink things that are different or brewed with out of the norm ingredients, I picked the Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake first for my flight. This brew is their blonde ale, La Rubia, img_9133with flavorizers added.


If you took a cheesecake and made it a liquid, this would be it. Rich and sweet in flavor but light drinking at 5% ABV. I took a growler to-go of this. I wish it would have been bottled so that I didn’t have to drink it right away! (Growlers usually only last 3-5 days). Second was Monica’s Gold. Anything that says “dry hopped” I am bound to order. Yes dry hopping a beer mainly adds aroma, but I swear that in this case it added a thicker, juiciness to it. Next up was the bartender’s favorite so I trusted him and said to throw it on there. Pop’s Porter is a traditional porter with a roasted aroma, medium body and includes notes of chocolate. A very solid porter. Last I went big with their Guanabanator (it took me 3 minutes to write that because the spelling was confusing)! It’s a berliner weiss with sour sop. Sour sop is a fruit out of Mexico, Cuba, Central America and some parts of the Caribbean Islands. I wish it had been more sour but the tart was there. I would consider this a sessionable sour. Got a growler filled of that, too. Maddison loved La Mami the most. It is their imperial blonde ale. Great balance between sweet and strong. Kind of scary how easy it was to drink for an imperial.

The employees started chatting with us so we ended up staying much longer than expected. We were learning all about the brewery and the city itself. I even got a tour of the place after talking about my blog and beer obsession! Below are some photos of their equipment! The hop room was absolutely freezing but smelled weedy and green. It was awesome to see all the different hop varieties they brew with and filled kegs toward the back. The barrels were filled and were aging beer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get down there to try some of it whenever it releases.

I am a big fan of tap handles. When breweries take the time to come up with cool designs it really shows that they care about their brand. Wynwood’s tap handles were outrageously cool. Because the area is know for its art on all of the walls, why not go for spray cans.img_6028 Wynwood was the first craft brewing production system in Miami so they are part of the art of the city. The picture on the right is all their tap handles.

img_9269Javi, our beertender, took some close-ups of the cool ones for us. Maddison is obsessed with butterflies. She asked to buy the tap handle to the left 100 times, but in the end, the photo was the best we could get. Each month they have an artist paint their own design on a tap handle and that’s how they serve it. Apparently they save them all and are planning to put them on display. I thought that was wicked!

If you are interested in their beer and story, check out their website. I’ve been on it all morning flipping between pages. It’s a clean website with a lot of information. I like how much information they have about their staff and their core beers. Nice, interactive-style page.img_6050

Thank you to Javi (pictured on the right) and Rob for an awesome time. We very much enjoyed our stay at the brewery and even more enjoyed the company. We will be back very soon!



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