Craft Room: Celery City

Starting my three days off from work with an early happy h0ur. Decided to check out one of my closest craft beer bars: Celery City. A great taproom that iFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-1s extremely underrated. They’ve got some great beers on draft that no one ever knows about; lucky for me and other beer nerds but unfortunate for the rest of the world. I also just found out from their owner that they are expanding! Supporting local does go a long way. I’m excited for the construction to be over to see the new updates. He said a couple months. Stay tuned with my Instagram accounts for updates.

They’ve got 51 beers on draft at all times. They’ve got a wide variety from pales to imperial IPA’s to stouts on nitro. And how cute are their tap handles? Cool little heads of celery after their name. Instead of putting the actual tap handles on the handles that pour the beer at the bar, they have them on the back wall as decoration.

Started this afternoon wiIMG_8172th a local brew: Barista Bob’s Cara-Killa by Hourglass Brewery. A caramel coffee brown ale poured on nitro. I was surprised at how thin it was for 7.3 ABV and a nitro beer. Usually beers on nitro are creamy and thick so this was quite the turn around but not in a bad way. Subtle caramel in the beginning. I am glad it wasn’t overpowering with caramel.  A nice subtle coffee finish, as well. I am so glad the two flavors weren’t super heavy. Again surprising for a 7.3 ABV beer. A great surprise!!! The best beers by Hourglass are their dark beers. They do not disappoint. Check em’ out.


Starting out with a dark beer, I felt the need to stay dark with the IMG_8176next. Many of my friends have told me how good Oscar Blue’s Old Chub was on nitro so I went with that. World Of Beer UCF actually has it on draft right now, but not on nitro. I’ve been saving for the time where I can get it on nitro and the time is now. So yes, Old Chub by Oscar Blues Brewery is happening and it is crazy good. My first ever Wee Heavy/Scotch Ale and it’s pretty killer. Extremely smooth, obviously from the nitro, but could just be a smooth beer otherwise. Awesome malty backbone and creamy as hell. Very dangerous in the sense that I love it so much. Such quality. Much IMG_8177nitro. Awesome awesome.


I’ve had the 4% ABV version of this beer multiple times on nitro at craft beer bars but never the 6% version. When the beer was first brewed it was only at 4%. I guess they stepped their game up… to a higher percent that is. The oh so creamy Death Roll by Red Cypress Brewery. Great great. Extremely bold and creamy milk stout. Watching beers on nitro settle is one of my favorite things. I tried to snap the picture before it went away. Wish I could have gotten a video of it settling! Red Cypress is such a powerhouse of Florida and I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish in the future.

IMG_8180 Last but not least…. Dogfish Head’s Biere De Provence. My dad ended up meeting me for a drink. He is my favorite drinking buddy! Anyways, this beer is so freakin weird in a good way. Brewed with lavender, marjoram and bay leaves. The smell = so so so lavender. Smells of bath soap. So so much lavender and I love it so much. SO much lavender. Have I said that enough? I don’t think so. I thought a lavender beer would be super weird but it’s so amazing. Very crisp and refreshing. A nice outdoor/pool beer. Pops was drinking Stone’s Mocha IPA. He says it has a small amount of chocolate but mucho peppery and spice flavor. I’ve had this beer in a bottle and it was okay. Remember that I am not crazy about IPA’s, so that probably explains it.

All in all: this place is freakin awesome. Please come and support local if you are anywhere near Sanford, I promise you that you will not forget it or regret. Celery City is the

Cheers from @thisgirlneedsabeer!



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