On The Road: St. Augustine Brew Tour


St. Augustine is such a beautiful city in Florida. My family and I went there once on a vacation and it was actually the worst. I was in my rebel teenage years and just wanted to be with my friends. I remember having no cell phone service and I couldn’t text anyone. The weather was extremely crappy and I was pouting like a five year old. Thank goodness that my recent trip there was a thousand times better. I left very early in the morning and arrived at the first brewery about twenty minutes after they opened. Day drinking is cool, right?


Bog Brewing Co. is St. Augustine’s newest brewery. They opened this past March and I was super happy to check out a newer place. My dad had texted me on the way, “their line-up is sick. Definitely have to check it out.” Of course, I listened. And what do you know? The man was right.




First up: Bog Brewing Co.’s Oatmeal Coffee Stout. Notice how the photo has no filter. The lighting was perfect and it was beautiful on its own. A basic and solid oatmeal stout. A smooth mouthfeel from the oats with a rich chocolate taste. I could see Bog doing some crazy renditions of this beer. Hint hint.

Because the first beer was a good choice, I thought it best to have another, obviously. Their keg of Mango IPA just blew and I was overwhelmed with sadness that I couldn’t taste it. But a good choice was made instead: Bog Brewing Co.’s American Wheat Ale. 

Photo Credit: Cody Hawk

First, the color. This bad boy had such a bright, fun and inviting yellow color. When I first started drinking craft beer, I jumped to hefeweizen’s and wheats. They are easy drinking and I very much enjoy the banana flavor. Drinking Bog’s wheat brought me back to those days. I will say though, that it was tough to drink this beer after an oatmeal stout.  A crisp, clean wheat ale with banana hints. I loved the hazy, unfiltered look that accompanied the thicker taste.


After Bog Brewing, I walked St. George Street and King Street. It was a much better walk than the one I remember with my family years ago. It was crowded because of Memorial Day weekend and the streets were booming with people, actors and vendors. There were ice cream shops every five seconds. I think it was a sign that I needed some, but ice cream and beer are a weird combination but maybe later? After being touristy, I had a beer at A1A Ale Works. They had six of their own made beers and had an extensive food menu. The basics were found with a lighter beer, IPA and porter. On top of those they had a few seasonal choices. I drank A1A Ale Works Robust Porter. It was medium in body which I was not expecting at all; a sessionable style beer. It wasn’t roasty which I think made the beer lack for me. The bar itself was really cool. As you can see, it was copper. My hands and arms did have a gross smell afterwards from leaning on it, but besides that – super sweet.

The Castillo De San Marcos is an awesome looking fort to see in St. Augustine so walking around it was next on the list of activities for the day. I did a big circle aroIMG_2947.jpegund the whole thing, then got ice cream, and set off to the next brewery. My favorite of the trip. Although I wish it was closer to the downtown area, Ancient City Brewing was a heavenly place. My favorite types of breweries are the ones that are in warehouses and this was one of them. Their “Big Ass Fans”, cornhole, foosball and other games are great for customer interaction. The beer in the photo is Ancient City Brewing’s Watermelon Wheat Ale. An extremely refreshing finish to the day. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this beer at first because watermelon is not my friend, but I actually liked it loads. It was crisp and got better and more fruity with every sip. This would be a great beach or lake day beer.

A trip to St. Augustine for beer is a trip I would do again in a heartbeat. The beer was great and was accompanied with beautiful views. A huge plus: walking around all day = burning calories. Don’t gotta worry about the beer belly. Well, for now.


Photo Credit: Cody Hawk

Cheers from thisgirlneedsabeer!






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