Drink Local: Bowigens Beer Company

Anytime my parents ask me to hang out they get a definite yes as an answer for two reasons. The first reason being that I will not spend a dime and the second being that it’s a fact that we will be going somewhere cool. Also, I guess they’re pretty fun. This time in particular was a real pleasure. My dad had been wanting to take me to Bowigens Beer Company in Casselberry for quite some time. I’d heard great things about their beer and was antsy to check it out.

For starters, the place was tiny. That is not a bad thing, though; those types of places are the best. Their board that theIMG_7173y list their beers on was beautiful, I had to take a photo. That handwriting was on point. The bartenders were extremely knowledgable and friendly, also a huge plus. They do no have food, but their were plenty of options around the plaza. You’ll see a photo of that later on.




When I started drinking craft beer, Hefeweizen’s were my go to. I’ve veered away from that now but the second I saw “Peanut Butter Hefeweizen” I had to go back to that beginner status of craft beer thinking. I didn’t know peanut butter hefe’s were a thing so I had to get it. I didn’t even bother sampling it because I knew I would love it. So here we go, Bowigen’s Peanut Butter Hefeweizen. The nose: total peanut butter. The taste: holy wow. Undertones of peanut throughout the whole sip and a strong kick of peanut at the finish. I was so about this beer; easily got into my list of favorites.



I changed pace real fast and went for a milk stout. Bowigen’s 7 Layer Milk Stout was 7 different kinds of awesome. Not actually sure of the 7 reasons, I just thought that was funny… The nose: roasted and coffee filled. The taste: bittersweet chocolate and hints of vanilla with a smooth lactose finish. This beer went down very easy and I’m so glad I started loving stouts. Milk stouts, especially. Totally my thing.





Again went to the opposite side of the spectrum with a Belgian Blonde. Bowigen’s Downstairs Wife (interesting name) had a bit of fruit, two bits of funk and a slight bite. Also featuring Vinzo’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant neighboring Bowigens. A slice of heaven. My pops and I split an extra cheese pizza and it was magnificent. The two together weren’t very appetizing but I was a little buzzed and anything goes together with a buzz.


I’m so so thankful to have the greatest parents on this planet Earth. I think I’m a tad biased but they’re great and it’s unfortunate that you don’t have the relationship with them that I have. Not only are they supportive and are amazing mentors, but they know how to party. Couldn’t ask for better besties and drinking buddies.IMG_7179


Cheers from @thisgirlneedsabeer and parentals!

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