WOB-blin’: Terrapin Takeover

Terrapin Takeover!

Terrapin Beer Company is a brewery out of Athens, Georgia. I went on a trip to Georgia during my spring break and of course with my luck the brewery was closed. I was extremely sad that I missed out on going to brewery until I found out that my local World of Beer, the one located by the University of Central Florida, was having this insanely awesome tap takeover. They were carrying beers that you can’t get anywhere except the Terrapin Brewery itself.


Looking at the list was a beautiful sight. Every beer on draft was a Terrapin except maybe two or three. When I was looking at the list prior to the actual event, I spotted Maggie’s Blueberry Cobbler. Anything blueberry is definitely being had by me so I knew this was gonna be my first beer when I got in the pub. The taste was great. A good tart with a graham cracker finish. The blueberry flavor was bomb! A great liquid desert!


After being overwhelmed by all the amazingness on the draft list, I decided to go with a very opposite flight, as you can see. From left to right in the photo is Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale, Side Project Vol. 26 Poivre Potion, Liquid Lunch and Wake n’ Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout. Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse: the perfect combination of sweet and sour, a crisp peach flavor. Side Project Vol. 26 Poivre Potion: a dry hopped imperial pink peppercorn saison. Each sip seemed like a different flavor, it was great. Liquid Lunch: my all time favorite of the day. It’s a raspberry and peanut butter sandwich in beer form. To die for!  Wake n’ Bake was also awesome! The cool thing about Wake n’ Bake is that they brew with a local coffee shops coffee beans, Jittery Joe’s. Support local!


 I’m usually not huge on IPA’s, but I saw this one described with “citrus” and gave it a shot. Good thing I did because it was great. Fruity IPA’s are becoming a new trend and I hope loads of breweries pick up on it because I’m all for it. Hi-5 IPA has a strong citrus hop. I wanted to take this beer on a beach trip. Hopefully this beer and others is just the start of me trying IPA’s. It’s still a flavor I’m trying to get used to, an “acquired taste” as some people say.


Another all time favorite of the day was Terrapin’s Red Wine Barrel Aged Peaotch. Heavy wine on the nose, but peachy to the taste. I’ve had a couple of beers aged in red wine barrels and every single one is great so I wasn’t surprised by the amazing taste of this!

There are some that I enjoyed without getting a photo of them, unfortunately. The Tangerine Lemon Hopsecutioner: and IPA brewed with six different hops. I got flavors of citrus, pine and tangerine at the nose and the taste. Another IPA in the books that I like! I ended the night with a bang with Angel’s Envy Barrel Aged Wake n’ Bake. This beer is an imperial stout with a rich and thick flavor. You can totally smell that it was aged in a bourbon barrel right off the bat!

World of Beer seemed to have a great turn out for this event! I’m really excited for their future events and even maybeeeee I’ll be working them. Come in and see me!

P.S. – visit my Instagram for these pictures and many more!

Cheers from thisgirlneedsabeer!



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